?? Rates

Shop Labor Rate:                      $90.00 / Hour

Shop Supplies:                           $12.50

    Shop supplies inclue lubricants, shop towels, oil/gas recycling,

    cleaners, shop equipment, fuel, and hardware.

Seasonal Tune-up:

    Change oil and filter (if applicable), service or change air filter,

    replace spark plug(s), clean mower housing, grease, clean exhaust ports (2-cycle),

    check belts, inspect drive (if applicable), adjust RPM's, and power wash.

Note:  All parts, shop supplies, sharpening, and additional services are charged separately from the following:

    Walking Mowers (with blade sharpening)                            $85.99 / unit            STW

    Consumer Zero Turn                                                          $199.99 / unit          STRZ

    Rear-engine Riders                                                             $169.99 / unit          STT

    Tractors (small frame)                                                         $169.99 / unit          STT

    Tractors (large frame)                                                         $249.99 / unit          STTL

    Commercial Walk-Behind                                                   $199.99 / unit         STCW

    Commercial Rider                                                               $249.99 / unit         STCR

    Snow Thrower (single stage)                                               $85.99 / unit           STS1

    Snow Thrower (two stage)                                                  $135.99 / unit         STS2

    Trimmers / Blowers / Saws                                                  $75.99 / unit           STHH

Sharpening Services:

Mower Blade (commercial)                      On Unit                  $15.00 / each

                                                                    Off Unit                  $10.00 / each

    Mower Blade (residential)                         On Unit                  $15.00 / each

                                                                    Off Unit                  $10.00 / each

    Chain Saw                                               10-36"                    $9.99 / each*

    Hedge Clipper                                          On Unit                  $90.00 / each

                                                                     Off Unit                 $75.00 / each 

Recoil Repair:                                                                                                    $37.50 / off unit                                                                                               

    Includes inspection, installation of needed parts.                                                 $50.00 / on unit

    Note: Any parts required will be charged in addition to the above.        

Tire Repair:                                                                                                         $18.50 / off unit / tire   

    Price reflects service for installation of new tire and/or tube.                                 $25.00 / on unit / tire

    Note: sealant installation is an additional $5.00 

    plus the cost of the sealant. Parts are not included.

Carburetor Rebuild:                                                                                            $85.00 / each

    Includes disassembly, boil-out, and rebuild.

    Note: All parts required will be charged in addition to rebuild cost.       

Pick-up and Delivery:                                                                                         $80.00 / round trip 

                                                                                                                               (within 10 mile radius)

    (plus fuel surcharge)                                                                                          

Diagnose/Inspect Fee:                                                                                        $45.00 / small unit

                                                                                                                              $75.00 / large unit    

*note prices subject to change without notice